Serving up buttermilk doughnutcake.

May it be known that I set out one weekend to make doughnuts. What I ended up with was a tasty medium-density coffee cake. I'm sure there is a metaphor for life in this somewhere. Coffee cake and doughnuts are very different, though; how could this possibly happen? Two key points are to be seen as cause for this grievous, yet tasty, miscalculation:

  • A special recipe for baked, not fried, doughnuts.
  • No doughnut pan.


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  • Every meal is an adventure; every bite a step down the coastline of a gastronomical paradise lapped by the waves of flavor and nourishment. And the more one travels, the more one savors and enjoys the glorious vistas and scenery presented by a new locale. When in life it is easy to follow the well-beaten path, I find it all the more important to draw outside the lines and experience something new whenever the opportunity presents itself. Fortunately, such inspiration strikes every time I open a menu, pick up a recipe book, or, in this case, browse the delectable visual catalogue of culinary delights available on Pinterest.

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  • The "suit-up" scene is the classic staple of a good action movie. Those quick cuts and close-up shots of the hero donning his best gear before he heads out to kick butt are the best. Not only do they serve as great totems of Friday-night entertainment, but they are also the inspiration for my ideal wardrobe: a well-curated assortment of clothing and accessories that makes the squadron of highly-trained cyborg military operatives from the future that are awaiting me outside my door rethink their decisions. For me, like so many excellent action hero outfits, it's all about the outerwear.

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  • Although the official title of the game is "Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine", I prefer the name "Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine (and My Three Friends')" due to the fact that the cooperative play is what really makes this game shine. You and up to three of your buddies assemble to create the finest team of con-men, safe-crackers, thieves, and generally mischievous people that Monaco has ever seen.

    Or rather, will never see.

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